Tutorial for Teachers

Courses of Study

ALEX provides access to a wide variety of resources. One of the most important features of ALEX is access to up-to-date Alabama Courses of Study. The following explanation will demonstrate the process by which to access a particular content or grade level.

Click on the "Courses of Study" link.

A new page will open and you will see the following menu:

At this point, the choice is yours. Let us suppose that you are looking for the standards used in the Biology curriculum. Click the Biology link and you will see a page that provides links to recommended web resources as well as lesson plans for this particular standard.

You may click on the number to see the plans. Here is one of the examples of what you will see.

Lesson Plans

Once you have read the subject area(s), title and overview, you can click on the title link and view the lesson plan.

You can also search across grade-levels or by keyword.