Tutorial for Teachers

Create Lesson Plans

ALEX also allows you to create lesson plans. To create lesson plans, you must register to use your personal workspace. After registering, you can begin.

Login and click on Personal Workspace. This is where your personal lesson plans and bookmarks are stored and lesson plans created. Follow the on screen instructions to create your lesson plan.

Once you complete the lesson plan and submit it for inclusion in ALEX, it will be critiqued by other educators. Therefore, it is wise to click the evaluation rubric to see by what criteria your lesson plan will be evaluated.

Your lesson plan should contain the following: title, overview/annotation, content standard(s), local/national standards, primary learning objective(s), additional learning objective(s), total duration (time), materials and equipment, technology resources needed, background preparation, procedures/activities, assessment strategies, extension, remediation, and accommodation. Links provide more information about each of these requirements.

We suggest that, during the process, you click the 'Save Changes and Continue Working on Current Screen' periodically as a precaution so you do not lose your work due to some unforeseen technical difficulty. Before you submit your final lesson plan to be critiqued, use the spell check option to catch spelling errors. After this, click the 'Save Changes and Exit' button. Then click the Submit button next to the title of the lesson plan back on the personal workspace page. Your lesson plan is now officially submitted for approval.