Tutorial for Teachers

Lesson Plans

The "Lesson Plans" section of the website gives educators the ability to view approved lesson plans tailored to fit the state of Alabama Courses of Study content standards. First, click on the "Lesson Plans" link on the home page.

A new page appears that allows you to specify content area and grade level.

In addition, you may also search by keyword.

If plans are available, they will be categorized in three ways: ALEX lesson plans, MarcoPolo lesson plans, and NASA lesson plans. The following image shows a list of some of the lesson plans for 2nd graders dealing with technology.

As mentioned in the Courses of Study tutorial, the result will give you the subject area, title and overview of the lesson plan. If you would like to view the lesson plan, simply click on the blue link next to the title. If you would like to have access to the lesson plan offline, you have the option to print the plan. In addition, you have the ability to search for lesson plans by keyword.