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 ALSDE EL SAMUEL 2011-2012 Workshops PowerPoint Presentations


SAMUEL I 2011 Workshop  (scroll to the bottom for the presentation & handouts)

Interpreting ACCESS for ELLs Scores, Student Goal Setting & Creating Language Objectives:

 Objectives: During SAMUEL I we will:
-Provide an overview of how to interpret ACCESS for ELLs scores for instructional purposes.  
-Review the importance of student goal setting and learn how to write instructional goals for EL students.
-Learn to write language objectives and find practical ways of incorporating language objectives into lesson plans.


SAMUEL II 2011 Workshop  (scroll to the bottom for the presentation & handouts)

Building Background:  One Piece at a Time 

Objectives: During SAMUEL II (Building Background: One Piece At a Time) we will:
-Discuss the importance of building background knowledge to lesson concepts.
-Discuss  and practice strategies for building background knowledge.

-Discuss how to teach key vocabulary and academic language.



ALSDE EL SAMUEL 2010-2011 Workshop PowerPoints  Presentations

Survival Skills 101 for English Learners- Includes Myth and Realities, Second Language Acquisition, Classroom Strategies in Classroom Teaching, and Assessing Students Proficiency Levels



Understanding the Culture of your English Learner and the Home School Connection


  • SAMUEL III Workshop

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Standards-Based Instruction and Assessment: The WIDA ELP Standards


 Planning for Continuous Improvement for English Learners

 The Best of SAMUEL

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