EL Companion to Reducing Bias in Special Education Evaluation

1.  Transcripts A-Z is a resource created by New York City for evaluation of transcripts for students from outside the U.S.:  see PDF link "Transcripts A-Z" listed below 
2.  Handbook for Educators Working With Children of Mexican Origin can be found at: http://educacion.jalisco.gob.mx/probem/web_book/html/index.htm
3.  Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA):  A 2009 Update; Education of English Language Learners in U.S. and Texas Schools.  Where we are...: See PDF link "IDRA ELL Policy Update" listed below

4.  ELL Companion to Reducing Bias in Special Education Evaluation:  This document (219 pages) was produced by the Minnesota Department of Education and is very helpful when making decisions about Special Education referrals and placement for ELLs.
http://www.asec.net/Archives/ELLmanual.pdf   or  See: MN ELL Companion for SPE.pdf listed below



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