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How to Set Up an Account

You will need to set up an account and log in to ALEX in order to access your personal workspace and create lesson plans.

  1. Go to and click "Login" on the left side at the top of the list of buttons.
  2. Click on "Create new account."
  3. Click in each of the blanks on the next screen and type in the requested information. Use your real first name and last name in the first two blanks. In the blank for "Username" you may chose an alias or nickname or, for ease in remembering it, the name of another account you may already have, such as the one you log in with at school or work. This will be the name you log in with on ALEX in the future, so make a note of it.
  4. In the next blank choose a password of six characters or more. Be sure to note the password you choose or use one that you use for other online accounts. Enter the password again in the next blank.
  5. STOP HERE!!! In the next blank you would normally enter your preferred email address. HOWEVER, if you are setting up this account during a workshop or training, you will need to use an email address that you can access via the Internet in order to confirm and immediately begin using your account; OTHERWISE, wait for instructions from your trainer as to the temporary login or email address to use for the purposes of this training. You may go back later and enter your correct email address. (If you are using this guide at your own computer, go ahead and use the email account you normally use at that computer.)
  6. Read the "Terms of Use" listed on the screen below. If you agree with the terms of use, click the "Create Account" button. A confirmation message will appear and you will need to click "OK" to indicate acceptance of the terms of use.
  7. You will then see the login screen again with a message in red letters that a confirmation email has been sent. At this point follow the instructions of your trainer, (or login to your email account if you are at your own computer,) and open the email from ALEX. Click on the hypertext link within the email to confirm your account. You will be taken directly to the ALEX account profile page and a message in red letters will indicate for you to fill in your school system and your school or organization. After doing this, click the "Update Account" button and the account creation process will be complete. NOTE: If you click on the hypertext link within the email and are NOT taken directly to the profile page, try copying and pasting the link from the email into your browser and going to the page that way to confirm.
  8. In the future, any time you are visiting ALEX and see at the top of the left-hand list of buttons the word "Logout," this will indicate that you are LOGGED IN to ALEX and can access your personal workspace. If you can see the words "Login" in this space, you are NOT logged in and will need to click "Login" and enter the username and password you chose during Steps 3 and 4 above.
  9. Once you have logged in, click the button "Personal Workspace" on the left of the ALEX screen to go to an area of ALEX that is yours to create and store lesson plans. No one can access this workspace without your personal username and password. You will know that you are logged in correctly because you will see the words "Welcome" and your own name at the top of the screen.
  10. Inside your Personal Workspace you can click "Create a lesson plan" to access the lesson plan template for entering your own lesson plans and, if you wish, submitting them for inclusion in the public lesson plan library on ALEX.
  11. You can store lesson plans here for your personal use without ever submitting them. If you do submit, refer to this screen to see the status of submitted lesson plans. You will receive a message from the ALEX lesson plan reviewers that either says, "Modification Required to Plan" or "Plan Approved." You will also see a listing of lesson plans waiting approval and lesson plans that have been approved, if applicable.
  12. Your account on ALEX will remain active as long as you access it at least every six months. If you do not, you will receive an email notifying you that your account is about to be deactivated. To prevent deactivation, just log in again. It is important to keep the email address you registered with ALEX current so you can be notified, if needed.
  13. To update your email address or change your password, click the "Login" button, then click "Change password" or "Change email address," enter your current username and password, then enter the updated information, and click either the "Change my password" button or "Send my confirmation" button.
  14. If in Step 5 above you used an email address other than your usual one, please follow step 13 above at your earliest convenience and update to your correct email address.
  15. If, in the future, you need to update your school system, school, or organization, follow these steps:
  • Login and click on "Personal Workspace"
  • At the top of the page, find the "Click here to update your profile" link and click on it.
  • Change your school system and/or school in the drop down lists.
  • Click the "Update Profile" button.
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