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Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD)


Members of the Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD) are appointed by Dr.  Thomas R. Bice, using nominations received from the Alabama State Board of Education members, education associations, and other entities. ACLD members include the following active practitioners: local superintendents, local education agency (LEA) directors of instruction or equivalent positions, elementary school principals, middle school principals, high school principals, assistant principals and teachers who have distinguished themselves by leading sustained student achievement in their schools or LEAs. more


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The ACLD’s Instructional Leadership Professional Study (PS) Application is the process designed to ensure the development, delivery, and evaluation of quality professional study opportunities for Alabama’s instructional leaders. As with any new program or initiative, it may be necessary to revise the process at some point during the initial application cycle.  An application may be reviewed and approved for participants to earn a Professional Learning Unit (PLU). During yearly review of the approved professional study, the ACLD reserves the right to amend or withhold approved status. Reasons for amending or withholding approval may include, but are not limited to: 1) Need for updating based on new research; 2) Feedback from PS participants; and 3) Failure to provide all facets of training outlined in the PS Application.  The PS applicant will have the opportunity to address the ACLD’s concerns and revise professional study for further review and re-submission. 

The ACLD and the Alabama State Department of Education (SDE) do not endorse any groups, organizations, associations, agencies, individuals, private providers, vendors, and/or any other entities that submit Professional Study (PS) Applications for ACLD approval to earn Professional Learning Unit (PLU) status. ACLD approval is strictly for the content and delivery of the professional study provided through the application process.


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Upcoming Professional Study Reviews

Applications received by:


· Dec. 2, 2014 will be reviewed Dec. 16, 2014.

· Jan. 13, 2015 will be reviewed Jan. 27, 2015.

· Feb. 10, 2015 will be reviewed Feb. 24, 2015.