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Alabama new principal mentoring program

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Overall Program Design

The Alabama New Principal Mentoring (ANPM) Program is a two-year program for all school leaders who are serving as school principals for the first time. Each principal will be assigned a trained mentor who will serve as a “guide on the side,” imparting advice, serving as a sounding board, listening, facilitating reflective problem-solving, and coaching the new principal. The mentor will help the new principal create a development plan and a “map” of various learning activities that will help the new principal speed his or her orientation to the job and facilitate professional growth based upon the Alabama Continuum for Instructional Leader Development. The district and state will provide support to the mentors in the form of program guidelines, training, support materials, and support groups. The ANPM program, while designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of individual principals, schools, and districts, also has some required structure to ensure that the new principals—and ultimately, their schools—receive the maximum benefits from the program.


ANPM Program Evaluation

The electronic version of the Alabama New Principals Mentoring Program is under construction. The tentative launch date is August 2013.

Program Materials

  1. ANPM District Liaison Training (PowerPoint)
  2. ANPM Program Guide
  3. Alabama Continuum for Instructional Leader Development
  4. Alabama Self Assessment Tool for New Principals


Priorities Plan

 Professional Learning Plan

 Reflective Progress Tracker

 Mentor Log

  1. ANPM Learning Activities Guide


LAG 1 Planning for Continuous Improvement

LAG 2 Teaching and Learning

LAG 3 Human Resource Development

LAG 4 Diversity

LAG 5 Community and Stakeholder Relationships

LAG 6 Technology

LAG 7 Management of the Learning Organization

LAG 8 Ethics

  1. Standard III: Human Resources Development


Trained Mentors

Alabama has several mentors available to school districts.  To find out who is available in your area, view the list provided. List of NPMCP Trained Mentors

For More Information

For questions about the Alabama New Principal Mentoring Program or program news, contact Dr. Angela Mangum at or your local district liaison.



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Upcoming Professional Study Reviews

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· Dec. 2, 2014 will be reviewed Dec. 16, 2014.

· Jan. 13, 2015 will be reviewed Jan. 27, 2015.

· Feb. 10, 2015 will be reviewed Feb. 24, 2015.