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AL Dept of Ed Leadership & Evaluation
Board of Education in May 2009, then piloted in 2009-2010, EDUCATEAlabama is a formative system designed to provide information about an educator’s current level of practice within the Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development, which is based on the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS), Alabama Administrative Code §290-3-3-.04.  The AQTS constitutes the foundation of the teaching profession while the Continuum is a tool used to guide educator reflection, self-assessment, and goal setting for professional learning and growth.

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Importance of EDUCATE/LEADAlabama

Please take a few minutes to view Dr. Thomas R. Bice, State Superintendent of Education, as he discusses the importance of  EDUCATEAlabama (EA) and LEADAlabama (LEAD), the formative evaluation online processes for teachers/educators and instructional leaders serving students in Alabama’s schools. Dr. Bice’s words are timely as practitioners prepare to implement EA in Year 3 and and LEAD in Year 1, beginning August 1, 2012.

EA/LEAD video featuring Dr. Bice (Click to view)

AETC 2012 Conference Materials:June 13

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EDUCATEAlabama 2011-2012

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2010-2011 Statewide Data Reports

2011-2012 Educate Alabama Information Webinars

FAQs: September 7, 2011 WebEx

  • October 26, 2011: WebEx featuring Elmore County Schools: EA Data Analysis, Completing Self Assessment and Developing PLP

FAQs: October 26, 2011 WebEx:

  • December 13, 2011: WebEx featuring Hoover City Schools: Data Analysis and Adding Supporting Evidence
  • February, 2012: WebEx Sessions - EA Year Two Implementation

    EDUCATEAlabama (EA) – LEAs Speak Out!
    Four (4) 15 Minute Pre-recorded WebEx Sessions

Brewton City Schools

Ft. Payne City Schools

Monroe County Schools

Phenix City Schools

FAQs: Email questions regarding the February, 2012 WebEx Sessions to: educatealabama@asc.edu

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Professional Development Opportunities available to all instructional leaders and educators

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Online Education Directory (ED DIR)

To access the EDUCATEAlabama online process, all instructional leaders, teachers, and educators employed in Alabama public schools must register a new account or annually update an existing account through the State Department of Education's Online Education Directory. If an instructional leader, teacher or educator has changed school systems, the previous school system must remove the instructional leader, teacher, or educator from its district staff and school staff, as applicable, in the Online Education Directory, as soon as possible. To access a copy of the directions, click Online Education Directory or if you would like to view the video tutorials, click here

Professional Education Personnel Evaluation (PEPE)

The Alabama Professional Education Personnel Evaluation Program (PEPE) is the product and culmination of the intense, informed and dedicated efforts of the many educational practitioners who participated in its development. In many respects, the resultant approach is a salient departure from numerous other evaluative approaches currently in use in many school systems nationwide. Rather than focusing on personal traits, which may or may not relate to the quality of performance, the program concentrates on competencies and knowledge/skills which effective educators are known to possess, on performance standards, and on results. The evaluation program’s primary goal is the improvement of teaching and learning; and it seeks to effect growth, collegiality and assistance as opposed to dismissal or demotion.

For more information regarding PEPE, go to http://www.alabamapepe.com


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