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Alabama Educator Standards

Welcome!  Here you will find the current Alabama educator standards and continuums related to teachers and instructional leaders.  Educators must align their practice to the standards.

Code of Ethics

The Alabama Educator Code of Ethics defines the professional behavior of educators in Alabama and serves as a guide to ethical conduct. The code protects the health, safety and general welfare of students and educators; outlines objective standards of conduct for professional educators; and clearly defines actions of an unethical nature for which disciplinary sanctions are justified. full version    Administrative Code

Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders   

To realize the mission of enhancing school leadership among principals and administrators in Alabama resulting in improved academic achievement for all students, instructional leaders will be held to the standards. full version    Administrative Code

Alabama Continuum for Instructional Leaders Development

The Alabama Continuum for Instructional Leaders Development offers a shared vision and common language to guide an instructional leader’s professional development across his or her career. It is a tool for self-assessment, personal and collegial reflection, goal setting, and professional learning. The Continuum can be viewed as the foundation for various components of instructional leadership in Alabama. These components include preparation, residency, induction, mentoring, evaluation, and ongoing professional study. The Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders are at the hub of these components.

Quality Teaching

Pursuant to the mission of improving the academic achievement of all students in the public schools of Alabama, teachers will align their practice and professional learning to the standards.  full    one-page summary 

Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development

The Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development is based on the five Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS). The Continuum articulates a shared vision and common language of teaching excellence to guide an individual’s career-long development within an environment of collegial support. It is a tool for guiding and supporting teachers in the use of reflection, self assessment, and goal setting for professional learning and growth.
Specifically, the Continuum is intended to support meaningful reflective conversations among teachers, mentors, coaches, and administrators. It supports teachers in setting professional goals and pursuing professional development to reach those goals. It also serves as a focus for teacher preparation institutions and pre-service candidates. The Continuum is one component of a comprehensive program of support for the ongoing development of teaching practice. While it provides guidance in the gathering of formative data upon which to reflect, it is not intended as an evaluation or observation instrument.

Effective Professional Development

The following list of Standards for Effective Professional Development were adopted by the Alabama State Board of Education on June 13, 2002. These state standards are embedded in the NCLB definition of professional development in Title IX, Section 9101 (34). They should be used as a guide in developing your LEA Professional Development Plan and implementing activities under that plan.  full


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