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Torchbearer Schools

The Torchbearer Schools Program was created to recognize high-poverty, high-performing public schools in Alabama.  To be eligible for a monetary reward, the Torchbearer School must make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two consecutive years and meet additional criteria. (To print a complete list of 2012-2013 criteria, click here)


Alabama Torchbearer Schools Video 2012 - 2013 (QuickTime)
Alabama Torchbearer Schools Video 2012 - 2013 (Windows Media Player)


Criteria for Rewards 2013-2014
(Based on 2012-2013 Test Results)

Torchbearer School

In order to be in the Torchbearer School category (i.e., a high-poverty, high-performing school), a school must meet all of the following, as applicable:

  • Not a Priority School.
  • Not a Focus School.
  • Have at least 95% Participation Rate in the "all students" subgroup and all applicable ESEA subgroups.
  • Have a Graduation Rate above the state average.
  • Be in existence at the time of the award.
  • Have at least 80% poverty rate (percent free/reduced meals).
  • Have above state average of students scoring Level IV on both the reading and the mathematics sections of the ARMT+.
  • Have at least 95% of Grade 12 students pass all required subjects of the AHSGE.
  • Must be among the top 20% band of the state using proficiency of ARMT+, AHSGE, and Alabama Alternate Assessment from 2012-2013 for Level III and for Level IV.

Additional Rules

  1. Poverty rate is rounded to the nearest whole number.
  2. Rounding is not used when determining if the criteria is met.
  3. Calculations include only students who are full academic year (September 1 to testing window).
  4. Partial credit is not given for Level II.
  5. Poverty rate is taken from the official fall SDE extract (20 days after Labor Day).


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For more information contact:
Angela Mangum, Ph. D.
Project Administrator
Educator Effectiveness
(334) 242-9962

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