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Lesson Plan

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Author:Joe Rist
Lesson Plan ID: 13458

Exploring African Tribal Masks


This lesson allows students to learn about a very important aspect of African culture. It features the use of technology for research and also hands-on experience in creating an African Mask. The lesson can be used as a part of a study of the history and development of African countries.

Content Standard(s):
TC2(6-8) 5. Use basic features of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software.
TC2(6-8) 6. Select specific digital tools for completing curriculum-related tasks.
SS2010(8) World History to 15002. Analyze characteristics of early civilizations in respect to technology, division of labor, government, calendar, and writings.
SS2010(8) World History to 150011. Describe early Islamic civilizations, including the development of religious, social, and political systems.
SS2010(8) World History to 150013. Compare the African civilizations of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai to include geography, religions, slave trade, economic systems, empires, and cultures.
Local/National Standards:  
Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will analyze African tribal masks and their many uses. Students will research an African tribal mask and be able to identify the way in which it is used as a part of an African's daily life.

Additional Learning Objective(s):  
Approximate Duration of the Lesson: Greater than 120 Minutes
Materials and Equipment:

Poster board, construction paper, paint, glue, markers, scissors, copies of handouts for each student (see attached)

Technology Resources Needed:

Computer with Internet access, word processing software, printer


This WebQuest and project can be used with minimal background information. A general understanding of the geography of Africa would be useful when students identify the different tribal groups while researching their masks.

1.)Introduce the lesson by having students complete the Tribal Mask WebQuest (see attached handout).

2.)Discuss the WebQuest and the information students learned about tribal masks.

3.)Introduce the African Mask Project (see attached handout) and review criteria and attached grading rubric.

4.)Students will present and describe the information that they learned about their masks. Students can create a gallery for the masks and descriptions to be displayed in the school's media center or other public viewing location.

Attachments:**Some files will display in a new window. Others will prompt you to download. African Tribal Project Rubric.xls
African Mask Project.doc
Tribal Masks webquest.doc
Assessment Strategies:

African Tribal Mask WebQuest will be graded for completion and accuracy of answers. Creation of mask and paragraph will be assessed using a rubric (see attached).

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