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This lesson provided by:
Author: Willietta Ellis Conner
System:Alabama Department of Education
School:Alabama Department of Education
Lesson Plan ID: 31202

How Values Affect Career Choices


Students will take a short online assessment of their own work-related values and note how differing work values affect their selection of occupations.

Content Standard(s):
Local/National Standards:

 Social Studies 9-12, Standard 3: Describe how values and norms influence individual behavior.

Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will learn that their personal values affect their career choices.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

Students will learn what their personal work values are and will identify occupations in which they may be able to attain them.

Approximate Duration of the Lesson: 31 to 60 Minutes
Materials and Equipment:

A handout titled Work Values (included as an attachment), one per student.

Technology Resources Needed:

Each student needs access to  Kuder®  Navigator  at for at least one hour from school, home, or a local library.


Your students should all have individual accounts on If they don’t, you can get their login information from yourKuder® Administrative Database Management System, or check with your site administrator (typically your careers teacher or guidance counselor). Even if students only have their user names, they can reset their passwords. Although the worksheet is self-explanatory, you may wish to go through the steps yourself prior to leading students through the activity in case they need assistance.


Students will follow the steps on the handout to navigate the system and complete the lesson.

Attachments:**Some files will display in a new window. Others will prompt you to download. WorkValuesStudentWorksheet(2).pdf
Assessment Strategies:

Teachers could ask individual students to indicate what their highest work-related values are and how the occupations they have identified can help them attain these values. They could also ask students to turn in their handout for review.

Students might be asked to write a brief paper describing this experience.


Students might have an assignment to interview a person who works in one of the occupations identified through the values assessment with the purpose of learning more about the occupation,


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