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This lesson provided by:
Author: Chastity Cosby
System:Lauderdale County
School:Lauderdale County Board Of Education
Lesson Plan ID: 33037

Introduction to The Princess Bride


Introduction to the novel through a slideshow and video. Literary terms, author information, and activating prior knowledge will begin an exciting unit comparing The Princess Bride to a fairy tale. Students will also be able to identify the fantasy genre after viewing chart (see attached).

This is a College- and Career-Ready Standards showcase lesson plan.

Content Standard(s):
ELA2013(9) 11. Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text. [RI.9-10.2]
ELA2013(9) 12. Analyze how the author unfolds an analysis or series of ideas or events, including the order in which the points are made, how they are introduced and developed, and the connections that are drawn between them. [RI.9-10.3]
Local/National Standards:  
Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will be able to identify the introductory elements of The Princess Bride (ex. genre, comparison to fairy tale) after viewing slideshow, anticipation guide, ABC brainstorm, and class discussions.

Additional Learning Objective(s):  
Approximate Duration of the Lesson: 61 to 90 Minutes
Materials and Equipment:

  • novel, paper, pen/pencil, notes sheet
  • computer with Internet access/sildeshow
Technology Resources Needed:

  • teacher computer with Internet access and overhead projector
  • "The Princess Bride" DVD

  • Read The Princess Bride
  • Study characteristics of a fairy tale
  • Read some fairy tales (see attachment)
  • Major concepts: determining genre, compare/contrast
  1. Complete anticipation guide then, do think/ pair/share as a cooperative group activity, and discuss responses. 
  2. Show slideshow. View and discuss each slide and allow feedback from students. Focus on fairy tale elements and compare to The Princess Bride.
  3. Give notes sheet (see attachments). Students should fill in notes sheet while viewing PowerPoint. Students will use the notes sheet as a practice for note taking as well as study guide for introduction to novel.
  4. Discuss elements of fairy tales: 3s and 7s, happily ever after, prince, and use this website for teacher resource
  5. Complete ABC brainstorm on fairy tales, discuss responses and compare to journal entry, and discuss how answers have changed.
  6. Review all concepts.
  7. View fisrt five minutes of "The Princess Bride," DVD or use a clip found on the Internet.
  8. Briefly compare The Princess Bride to a fairy tale. Make a T chart on the whiteboard.
  9. Complete exit slip as assessment.

Attachments:**Some files will display in a new window. Others will prompt you to download. OriginalFairyTales.doc
Assessment Strategies:


3 things you learned today

2 things you already knew

1 question you have for me


Students will view map "The Lands of the Princess Bride" (see attachments) of the geography of the novel and make predictions of events in novel.


Students will be given a copy of the notes with blanks filled in by teacher or peer.


Each area below is a direct link to general teaching strategies/classroom accommodations for students with identified learning and/or behavior problems such as: reading or math performance below grade level; test or classroom assignments/quizzes at a failing level; failure to complete assignments independently; difficulty with short-term memory, abstract concepts, staying on task, or following directions; poor peer interaction or temper tantrums, and other learning or behavior problems.

Presentation of Material Environment
Time Demands Materials
Attention Using Groups and Peers
Assisting the Reluctant Starter Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior

Be sure to check the student's IEP for specific accommodations.
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