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Lesson Plan

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This lesson provided by:
Author:Myra Watson
System: Shelby County
School: Oak Mountain Intermediate School
Lesson Plan ID: 4255

Picturing Parts of Speech


For this lesson students use digital cameras to take pictures which illustrate various parts of speech, then insert the pictures into a digital slideshow presentation and write sentences about the pictures.

Content Standard(s):
TC2(3-5) 1. Use input and output devices of technology systems.
TC2(3-5) 2. Use various technology applications, including word processing and multimedia software.
ELA2015(3) 37. Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. [L.3.1]
ELA2015(4) 38. Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. [L.4.1]
Local/National Standards:  
Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will create sentences with nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and identify the parts of speech. Students will create and present a digital slideshow presentation.

Additional Learning Objective(s):  
Approximate Duration of the Lesson: 31 to 60 Minutes
Materials and Equipment:

language textbooks, handouts (see attachments)

Technology Resources Needed:

Computers, digital cameras, PowerPoint or other presentation software, disks


The students need a basic understanding of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Students should be familiar with the operation of a digital camera or be given a basic orientation prior to the lesson. Print copies of the attached student handouts to provide specific requirements of the assignment to students.

1.)Review the meanings of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives and give examples of sentences using each.

2.)Students will be given opportunities to take pictures of people, places and things around the school using their own disks and a digital camera. Pictures can be taken as the class moves around the school during the normal daily routine or time can be set aside to accommodate this activity.

3.)The students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation using the pictures and adding sentences. The sentences should relate to the pictures.

4.)The students should write one sentence for each picture with each sentence containing a verb, noun, adjective and an adverb. Students should include a definition of each of the parts of speech on another slide.

5.)The students will change the font color to code the parts of speech. Example: red - nouns, blue - verbs, green - adjectives, purple - adverbs.

6.)The students will create a Bibliography slide to document the source of their definitions.

7.)The students will present their slideshows to the class.

8.)An instruction sheet and sample rubric are provided as attachments to this lesson plan.

Attachments:**Some files will display in a new window. Others will prompt you to download. Grammar PP Rubric.doc
Grammar Powerpoint project.doc
Assessment Strategies:

The teacher will use a rubric to assess the slideshow presentation (see attachment).


The parts of speech required in the sentences can be modified to fit the students' grade level.

Each area below is a direct link to general teaching strategies/classroom accommodations for students with identified learning and/or behavior problems such as: reading or math performance below grade level; test or classroom assignments/quizzes at a failing level; failure to complete assignments independently; difficulty with short-term memory, abstract concepts, staying on task, or following directions; poor peer interaction or temper tantrums, and other learning or behavior problems.

Presentation of Material Environment
Time Demands Materials
Attention Using Groups and Peers
Assisting the Reluctant Starter Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior

Be sure to check the student's IEP for specific accommodations.
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