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Percents 3: Percent Equations
This podcast is part of a series on operations with percents. Designed with the middle school student in mind, it is a refresher on the basics of solving percent equations. The lesson also covers amount, base, and percent using the translation method. The podcast can be used as a lesson or as a supplement to a lesson. A suggestion would be to stop the lesson as it goes along and allow the students to work problems out themselves.

Thinkfinity Multimedia

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Subject: Cross-Disciplinary - Informal Education , Physical Education - Outdoor Education , Science - Biological and Life Sciences , Science - Zoology , Informal Education - Academic Enrichment , Informal Education - Zoo/Aquarium/Nature Center Education
Title: What Is Infinity?     
Description: What is the last digit of pi? How far away is the end of the universe? Explore these questions and more in today's Wonder of the Day!
Thinkfinity Partner: Wonderopolis
Grade Span: K,PreK,1,2,3,4,5

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