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ALEX Lesson Plans

Subject: Science (3 - 5)
Title: Water You Doing To Help?
Description: In this lesson from "The Friends of Auntie Litter", (, water pollution will be explored. This lesson is one from the “Take Pride Statewide” series. *This lesson is provided by Julie Danley, Pam Walston, and Pat Mitchell.

Subject: Arts Education (3), or English Language Arts (3), or Science (3)
Title: The Causes of Pollution
Description: In this lesson, the students will identify the types of pollution found in communities by viewing a video. After discussing the types of pollution, the students will discuss ways pollution can be controlled. Students will also explain why it is important to keep communities free of pollution by creating a poster.This lesson plan was created as a result of the Girls Engaged in Math and Science, GEMS Project.

Subject: Science (3 - 5), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Energy
Description: During this lesson students will learn about energy. Students will have the opportunity to navigate the Internet to locate information about energy. They will also have the opportunity to create a slideshow to demonstrate their new knowledge about energy.

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