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ALEX Lesson Plans

Subject: Science (9 - 12)
Title: Plants are Survivors!
Description: All plants have basic life requirements. Understanding these requirements as well as plant structure helps explain why plants prefer some locations over others. This project allows students to work in cooperative groups to explore the impact of the environment and tissue structure on plants. It also allows students to summarize their findings in a multimedia presentation.

Subject: Science (9 - 12)
Title: Wearing Away the Mountains
Description: The Tennessee River Gorge outside Chattanooga is recognized as a protected biosphere reserve by the United Nations due it its immense proportion of species to acres.  Understanding the formation of the gorge helps explain why so many plants and animals call it home.  This activity allows students to work in cooperative groups and inquire about the processes that made it possible.

Subject: Science (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: To Herb or Not to Herb
Description: This unit allows students to research some common herbal supplements to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the herb. Students will compare the herbal supplements to pharmaceutical medicines to judge which is the better choice. Students will make a PowerPoint presentation to advertise herbal supplements and their common uses. The students will make an informative web site that allows others access to their discoveries. The students will learn the process of scientific problem-solving using the appropriate tools and technology. Students will critique the advertisement of herbal drugs and the impact they are having on society. They will present their findings to the class with a brochure or newsletter.This lesson plan was created as a result of the Girls Engaged in Math and Science, GEMS Project funded by the Malone Family Foundation.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans

Subject: Health, Science
Title: Lawn Nitrates      Add Bookmark
Description: In this Science Update, from Science NetLinks, you'll hear about how nitrates used as lawn fertilizer can be dangerous to the environment and human health. Science Updates are audio interviews with scientists and are accompanied by a set of questions as well as links to related Science NetLinks lessons and other related resources.
Thinkfinity Partner: Science NetLinks
Grade Span: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Subject: Science - Biological and Life Sciences - Science - Earth science - Science - Meteorology - Social Studies - Geography
Title: Weather and Agriculture      Add Bookmark
Description: In this Xpeditions lesson, students research, discuss, and write reports on the relationship between climate and agriculture. They pretend that they've just purchased farms in specific parts of the United States and investigate that region's weather and climate in order to maximize the chances that their farms succeed.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: 9,10,11,12

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