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Subject: Science (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Disease and Disorders of the Integumentary System
Description: This is a Project Based Learning activity of the Integumentary System where students will investigate different diseases that can affect the skin, hair, or nails.  Students will write a paper and create a visual presentation to share the disease or disorder with the class. This lesson results from a collaboration between the Alabama State Department of Education and ASTA.

Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: It's Time
Description: Students must prepare to be future business professionals.  By researching the importance of employee/student time and attendance and creating a brochure, students will gain essential knowledge of practical business practices.  The brochure should explain the school's policy, describe the role good/poor attendance plays in the workplace, and describe penalties/rewards.

Subject: English Language Arts (10), or Social Studies (10), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Extra, Extra!! Mary Rowlandson's Captivity Newscast
Description: This lesson will be an interdisciplinary lesson that involves both English Language Arts and Social Studies (History). The lesson will be primarily technology-based and also project-based that will have the students performing historical research and developing a "photo-story" through a PowerPoint presentation for their own newscast. The lesson will be part of a larger unit that combines literature from the early 1600s through the 1800s, and will primarily focus on the encounters and relationships of European explorers with the Native American life in North America. The lesson, in particular, will look at the Puritan life and beliefs, and how this life style influenced history, literature, and one woman's captivity with the Native American Indian tribe of the Wampanoag. Through research and analysis of the captivity narrative of Mary Rowlandson, the students will compose a newscast that will track the history of the events of King Philip's War and tie those events into a narrow report on Mary Rowlandson's actual captivity through the "removes" that she details in her narrative.

Subject: Credit Recovery Science (9 - 12), or Science (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Who Wants to Know the Periodic Table?
Description: The purpose of the project is to help the students gain an in depth knowledge of the Periodic Table of Elements. The periodic table is the very backbone of chemistry. In order for the students to be successful in chemistry, they must be able to understand, apply, interpret and evaluate the Periodic Table of Elements. In order to successfully meet this goal, students must do more than merely write a paper or read the textbook. The project will require research, critical thinking, application of knowledge, evaluation of facts and data, creativity, and the use of technology.

Subject: Credit Recovery Science (9 - 12), or Science (9 - 12), or Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: You Don't Taste the Way You Look!: Understanding Mimicry
Description: This Evolution lesson uses edible materials to demonstrate how a mimic acquires survival advantage. This particular lesson provides students an easy approach to learn and retain this information.

Subject: Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages) (6 - 12), or Technology Education (6 - 12)
Title: Fasching
Description: A 5-8 day project that divides students into groups and allows a greater number of students to benefit from two computers in my classroom.

Subject: Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages) (6 - 12), or Technology Education (6 - 12)
Title: Vamos a Viajar
Description: Students will learn about Spanish-speaking countries around the world. They will create brochures or newsletters to illustrate their research.

Subject: Arts Education (6 - 12), or Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages) (6 - 12), or Technology Education (6 - 12)
Title: Oral Presentations on French Impressionism
Description: Students research and present an artist from the period of French Impressionism. Presentations include a biography and examples of the artist's work. After the presentations, students produce sidewalk chalk paintings.

Subject: Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages) (3 - 12), or Technology Education (3 - 12)
Title: Spanish Travel Brochures
Description: Students will incorporate information from Internet research in creating original travel brochures for Spanish speaking countries using word processing or publishing software. Students could alternatively create wikis or podcasts.

Subject: Technology Education (9 - 12)
Title: Beaver Mountain Bike Tours Presentation
Description: Students will create, design and give a multimedia presentation about Beaver Mountain Bike Tours to pursuade travel agents to use their service. Presentations will include digital photography, Excel graphs, Word tables, and organizational graphs in PowerPoint. This is a business simulation that students will complete after finishing all major sections in the Microsoft Office Suite and is a culmulation of all of the skills learned previously. The total business simulation was created by Carl Lyman.

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