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Subject: Mathematics (2)
Title: It's Number Time
Description: This lesson can be used during whole group such as circle time or math moment. Students work with numbers in a variety of ways. This lesson can be used after students have been introduced to time, place value, skip counting,

Subject: Mathematics (1 - 2)
Title: Souper Scooper
Description: This hands-on, inquiry based lesson is an extension of the AMSTI Science Module, Solids and Liquids. Students use nonstandard units to measure beans in a soup mix. Students predict how many beans will be in a scoop. Students group beans by ones, tens and hundreds and complete a chart of their work. This lesson plan was created by exemplary Alabama Math Teachers through the AMSTI project.

Subject: English Language Arts (2), or Mathematics (1 - 2)
Title: 100 More Hungry Ants
Description: Students will investigate what happens to the number of ants at a picinc when 100 more ants arrive at the picnic. They will explore this concept using a slide presentation followed by a partner game.  This lesson plan was created by exemplary Alabama Math Teachers through the AMSTI project.

Subject: Mathematics (1 - 3), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Multiplication Facts, Facts, Facts and Some Reese's Pieces for Snack!!
Description: This lesson teaches the basic math multiplication facts in a fun way so that students will want to remember them. Knowledge of all multiplication facts will help with learning subsequent skills in longer multiplication, division, fractions, etc.

Subject: Mathematics (K - 2), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Toy Store Money
Description: During this lesson students will have the opportunity to use real coins to purchase items in a class department store. Students will work to determine which coins they need to purchase an object. They will also practice counting skills on the Internet before the big shopping day.

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