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The Water Cycle

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Kelsey, Tayler, Alissa, and Jarrod


Eva School,

Morgan County School District


A group of students let the creative juices flow when they enter the classroom of a "boring" teacher who is teaching the water cycle to her students. They liven things up with a song, dance, and music to demonstrate the steps of the water cycle. After the song, students hold a question and answer session about the different steps in the water cycle.

Length: 02:44

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

[S1] (6) 3: Describe water and carbon biogeochemical cycles and their effects on Earth.

National/Other Standards:

National Science Standards

Grades K-4 Earth and Space Science Standard

  • Students will understand changes in earth and sky.

Grades 5-8 Physical Science Standard

  • Students will identify properties and changes of properties in matter.

Grades 5-8 Earth and Space Science Standard

  • Students will understand the structure of the earth system.


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