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Basics of Basketball

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Kerra and Jessica


Morgan County Board of Education, Eva School


This video teaches students the basics of basketball. We covered the basic shot, free throws, three point shots, lay-ups, advanced shots, and dribbling. We also asked two volunteers to help us show the viewers that everyone plays basketball different.

Length: 1:51

Content Areas: Health and Physical Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

PE (6)
14. Present a cooperative game or activity to a group with a set goal or task to be completed.
PE (7)
3. Analyze manipulative skills for specific sports or recreational activities.
Examples: catching a softball with correct placement of the glove (below the waist glove palm up, thumb out; above the waist thumb in); applying the act of skipping in a fluid, coordinated movement for a lay-up in basketball
PE1 (6)
3. Demonstrate dribbling, shooting, and striking skills.
Examples: dribbling to avoid the ball being stolen, shooting with consistency and correct form, striking for direction and height
PE1 (7)
7. Identify appropriate drills and repetitions to improve performance.
Example: using nondominant hand or foot
PE1 (8)
4. Demonstrate skills used in individual, dual, and team sports.
Examples: basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, badminton


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