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Winning the War Against Bullying: It Begins with Administrators and Faculty

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Dr. Jackie Hester, Creator

Aaron B., Producer


Buckhorn Middle School, Madison County Schools


Winning the War Against Bullying: It Begins with Administrators and Faculty is a podcast that introduces an initiative to help administrators as they decrease the number of disciplinary incidents related to bullying. A student's perspective toward bullying sets the tone as the podcast begins. Dr. Jackie Hester narrates during the podcast and gives strategic tips for administrators. A fictional classroom drama depicts a potential scenario if bullying is not addressed.

Length: 05:53

Content Areas: Professional Development

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

CE (K-12)
1. Courage
CE (K-12)
3. Citizenship
CE (K-12)
6. Respect for others
CE (K-12)
7. Kindness
CE (K-12)
9. Self-respect
CE (K-12)
10. Self-control
CE (K-12)
11. Courtesy
CE (K-12)
12. Compassion
CE (K-12)
13. Tolerance
CE (K-12)
19. School pride
CE (K-12)
23. Sportsmanship

ASIL_4.1: [Knowledge to involve school community in appropriate diversity policy implementations, program planning, and assessment efforts]
ASIL_4.10: [Ability to promote and monitor the delivery of instructional content that provides for diverse perspectives appropriate to the situation]
ASIL_4.3: [Ability to perceive the needs and concerns of others and is able to deal tactfully with them]
ASIL_4.4: [Knowledge to handle crisis communications in both oral and written form]
ASIL_4.7: [Knowledge to represent the school and the educational establishment in relations with various cultural, ethnic, racial, and special interest groups in the community]
ASIL_4.9: [Ability to interact effectively with diverse individuals and groups using a variety of interpersonal skills in any given situation]
ASIL_5.1: [Ability to address student and family conditions affecting learning]
ASIL_6.3: [Knowledge to discover practical approaches for developing and implementing successful technology planning]
ASIL_7.1: [Knowledge to develop and administer policies that provide a safe school environment]
ASIL_7.2: [Ability to apply operational plans and processes to accomplish strategic goals]
ASIL_8.5: [Knowledge and ability to develop a personal code of ethics embracing diversity, integrity, and the dignity of all people]


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