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Bully Proof Song

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Hannah, Bradis, Trent, Lexi, and Alex


North Jefferson Middle
Jefferson County Schools


In this music video, students provide information on bullying and ways to cope with bullying. Personal anecdotes are included in the video. In these, students discuss why students bully and how bullying makes them feel. Bully Proof was written by a group of 8th grade students that have been bullied and are now advocates for those who are bullied. The song was inspired by the music and lyrics of BulletProof by LaRoux.

Length: 02:22

Content Areas: Social Studies, Career and Technical Education, Technology Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

CE (K-12)
6. Respect for others
CE (K-12)
13. Tolerance
HUM (7) Teen Discoveries
3. Explain the importance of character education for teenagers.
  • Describing manners used in various settings
  • Identifying grooming habits that lead to a healthy appearance
  • Describing ways to show respect for self, others, and property
    HUM (7) Teen Discoveries
    6. Compare positive and negative peer pressure.
    Examples: positive—involving friends in community service, tutoring peers
    negative—bullying, teasing, gossiping
  • Determining causes of teen conflict
    HUM (8) Teen Connections
    2. Analyze interpersonal skills needed by teenagers for success in the home, school, and community, including respecting self and others, resolving conflict, responding to peer pressure, and communicating with others.


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