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Life in a Rotting Log - Part 2

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This podcast is part of the series: Science at School with Mrs. Weems, Science Queen


Caroline Weems

Lilbern Beaver


Benjamin Davis Elementary School

Decatur City Schools


This video shows how living things use their environment to survive and how these living things depend on each other. It shows some organisms that live in a pond and rotting log and the role they play in their ecosystem. There are three groups in any ecosystem. These groups are called comsumers, producers, and decomposers. Filmed in the outdoors.

Length: 06:28

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (4)
5. Describe the interdependence of plants and animals.
  • Describing behaviors and body structures that help animals survive in particular habitats
  • Examples:
    behaviors—migration, hibernation, mimicry;
    body structures—quills, fangs, stingers, webbed feet
  • Describing life cycles of various animals to include incomplete and complete metamorphosis
  • Examples: damsel fly, mealworms
  • Tracing the flow of energy through a food chain
  • Example: producer, first-level consumer, second-level consumer, and third-level consumer
  • Identifying characteristics of organisms, including growth and development, reproduction, acquisition and use of energy, and response to the environment
    SC2015 (5)
    11. Create a model to illustrate the transfer of matter among producers; consumers, including scavengers and decomposers; and the environment.


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