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A Field Trip to the Wetumpka Crater

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Students: Gracie, Sophie-Jane, Addi, Coleman, Cooper

Teacher: Julie Powell


Elmore County High School & Eclectic Elementary School, Elmore County Schools


In this podcast, students visit the crater that was formed approximately 84 million years ago when an asteroid slammed into the area now known as Wetumpka, Alabama. The students relay interesting facts about the crater. The podcast includes opening and closing animation as well.

Length: 3:00

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (1)
7. Identify components of Earth's surface, including soil, rocks, and water.
SC (2)
7. Identify geological features as mountains, valleys, plains, deserts, lakes, rivers, and oceans.
  • Identifying local landforms and bodies of water
  • Identifying components of soil, including sand, clay, and silt
    SC (2)
    8. Identify evidence of erosion and weathering of rocks.
    SC2015 (2)
    8. Make observations from media to obtain information about Earth's events that happen over a short period of time (e.g., tornados, volcanic explosions, earthquakes) or over a time period longer than one can observe (e.g., erosion of rocks, melting of glaciers).


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