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Alabama Alternate Assessment Assembling the Body of Evidence Box for Scoring

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Alabama State Department of Education


Alabama State Department of Education, Assessment and Accountability



Designed for Test Administrators of the Alabama Alternate Assessment and System Test Coordinators for assembling the pieces of evidence and materials to be placed in the body of evidence box to be shipped for scoring.  

Contact Information:

For information concerning Alabama Alternate Assessment, contact Nannette Pence, Education Specialist 334-242-8038 or by e-mail at


Length: 08:23

Content Areas: Professional Development

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AQTS_5.C.2: Alabama-Specific Improvement Initiatives [Knowledge of Alabama's state assessment requirements and processes.]
AQTS_5.E.3: Ethics [Ability to use and maintain confidential student information in an ethical and professional manner.]
AQTS_5.F.3: Local, State, Federal Laws and Policies [Ability to access resources to gain information about federal, state, district, and school policies and procedures.]


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