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Alabama Alternate Assessment Overview

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This podcast is part of the series: Alabama Alternate Assessment


Alabama State Department of Education


Alabama State Department of Education, Assessment



This podcast is an overview of the Alabama Alternate Assessment which can be used as an introduction/training of the assessment. 

Contact Information:

For information concerning Alabama Alternate Assessment, contact Nannette Pence, Education Specialist 334-242-8038 or by e-mail


Length: 0:18:14

Content Areas: Professional Development

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AQTS_2.E.10: Assessment [Ability to develop and select appropriate performance assessments.]
AQTS_2.E.2: Assessment [Knowledge of the relationship between assessment and learning and of how to integrate appropriate assessments into all stages of the learning process.]
AQTS_2.E.4: Assessment [Knowledge of current Alabama assessment requirements and procedures.]
AQTS_2.E.5: Assessment [Ability to design and use a variety of approaches to formal and informal assessment to plan instruction, monitor student understanding and progress toward learning, modify teaching and learning strategies, and measure and report student progress related to learning objectives.]
AQTS_2.E.8: Assessment [Ability to provide a variety of ways for students with diverse needs, including students with disabilities, to demonstrate their learning.]
AQTS_5.C.2: Alabama-Specific Improvement Initiatives [Knowledge of Alabama's state assessment requirements and processes.]


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