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Southern Museum of Flight

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Shelly Hellums, Briana Morton, Brian Barsanti


Kilby Laboratory School, Lauderdale County & North Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson County


This podcast showcases how the Southern Museum of Flight can be used as an educational tool aligning the museum artifacts and dioramas to the Alabama Course of Study.

Length: 1:19

Aligned to the following ALEX lesson plan:

Scatter Plotting: A Study in Aviation

Content Areas: Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Career and Technical Education, Technology Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

MA2015 (8)
27. Use the equation of a linear model to solve problems in the context of bivariate measurement data, interpreting the slope and intercept. [8-SP3]
Example: In a linear model for a biology experiment, interpret a slope of 1.5 cm/hr as meaning that an additional hour of sunlight each day is associated with an additional 1.5 cm in mature plant height.
SS2010 (6) United States Studies: The Industrial Revolution to the Present
6. Identify causes and consequences of World War II and reasons for the United States' entry into the war.
  • Locating on a map Allied countries and Axis Powers
  • Locating on a map key engagements of World War II, including Pearl Harbor; the battles of Normandy, Stalingrad, and Midway; and the Battle of the Bulge
  • Identifying key figures of World War II, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Michinomiya Hirohito, and Hideki Tōjō
  • Describing the development of and the decision to use the atomic bomb
  • Describing human costs associated with World War II
  • Examples: the Holocaust, civilian and military casualties
  • Explaining the importance of the surrender of the Axis Powers ending World War II
    SS2010 (6) United States Studies: The Industrial Revolution to the Present
    7. Identify changes on the American home front during World War II.
    Example: rationing
  • Recognizing the retooling of factories from consumer to military production
  • Identifying new roles of women and African Americans in the workforce
  • Describing increased demand on the Birmingham steel industry and Port of Mobile facilities (Alabama)
  • Describing the experience of African Americans and Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II, including the Tuskegee Airmen and occupants of internment camps (Alabama)

    AQTS_1.A.1: Academic Discipline(s) [Knowledge of the structure of the academic disciplines related to the subject-matter content areas of instruction and of the important facts and central concepts, principles, theories, and tools of inquiry associated with these disciplines.]
    AQTS_1.A.2: Academic Discipline(s) [Knowledge of ways to organize and present content so that it is meaningful and engaging to all learners whom they teach (pedagogical content knowledge).]
    AQTS_4.E.2: General [Ability to involve families, community agencies and organizations, and colleagues in helping support academic achievement of diverse learners.]


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