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A Breath of Fresh AIR

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This podcast is part of the series: Take Pride Statewide


Auntie Litter


Auntie Litter, Inc.


Distressed by the dark smog in the sky, Auntie Litter and the Pollution Patrol find Mr. Grody burning his garbage and polluting the air with smoke blowing from his worn out old car.  In this podcast from The Friends of Auntie Litter", the Patrollers' help Mr. Grody realize he is making himself sick and affecting the environment by releasing gases into the air which combine to form ground level ozone.  Auntie Litter shows how smog forms from ground level ozone, other harmful gases and particulate matter.

Length: 14:45

Aligned to the following ALEX lesson plan:

A Breath of Fresh AIR

Content Areas: Science, Social Studies

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SS2010 (1) Living and Working Together in Family and Community and State
9. Differentiate between natural resources and human-made products.
  • Listing ways to protect our natural resources
  • Examples: conserving forests by recycling newspapers, conserving energy by turning off lights, promoting protection of resources by participating in activities such as Earth Day and Arbor Day
    SS2010 (2) Living and Working Together in State and Nation
    10. Identify ways people throughout the country are affected by their human and physical environments.
    Examples: land use, housing, occupation
  • Comparing physical features of regions throughout the United States
  • Example: differences in a desert environment, a tropical rain forest, and a polar region
  • Identifying positive and negative ways people affect the environment
  • Examples: positive—restocking fish in lakes, reforesting cleared land
    negative—polluting water, littering roadways, eroding soil
  • Recognizing benefits of recreation and tourism at state and national parks (Alabama)


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