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Abbreviations:  Months of the Year and Days of the Week

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Mechele Barrow, Ms. Barrow's Second Grade Class


West Blocton Elementary School, Bibb County School District


This podcast contains a video of students abbreviating the month January.  Examples are shown on how to abbreviate months of the year and days of the week.  Students focused on abbreviations having capital letters and ending with a period.  Students also define abbreviations as shorter forms of the words.

Length: 01:22

Content Areas: English/Language Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

ELA2015 (2)
29. Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about Grade 2 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups. [SL.2.1]
a. Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions (e.g., gaining the floor in respectful ways, listening to others with care, speaking one at a time about the topics and texts under discussion). [SL.2.1a]
b. Build on others' talk in conversations by linking their comments to the remarks of others. [SL.2.1b]
c. Ask for clarification and further explanation as needed about the topics and texts under discussion. [SL.2.1c]
ELA2015 (2)
34. Produce complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation in order to provide requested detail or clarification. (See Grade 2 Language standards 35 and 37 for specific expectations.) [SL.2.6]
ELA2015 (2)
36. Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. [L.2.2]
a. Capitalize holidays, product names, and geographic names. [L.2.2a]
b. Use commas in greetings and closings of letters. [L.2.2b]
c. Use an apostrophe to form contractions and frequently occurring possessives. [L.2.2c]
d. Generalize learned spelling patterns when writing words (e.g., cage → badge; boy → boil). [L.2.2d]
e. Form uppercase and lowercase letters in cursive. (Alabama)
f. Consult reference materials, including beginning dictionaries, as needed to check and correct spellings. [L.2.2e]


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