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Leaf Us Alone

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This podcast is part of the series: Take Pride Statewide


Auntie Litter


Auntie Litter, Inc.


In this clip from "The Friends of Auntie Litter", the Pollution Patrol sings a song that is a cry from help from the forest.  The words to the song are included in the video.  This video is one from the Take Pride Statewide series.

Length: 3:44

Content Areas: Science, Health and Physical Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (6)
2. Describe factors that cause changes to Earth's surface over time.
Examples: earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, erosion, glacial erosion or scouring, deposition, water flow, tornadoes, hurricanes, farming and conservation, mining and reclamation, deforestation and reforestation, waste disposal, global climate changes, greenhouse gases
  • Comparing constructive and destructive natural processes and their effects on land formations
  • Examples:
    constructive—volcanic and mountain-building processes;
    destructive—erosion by wind, water, and ice
  • Distinguishing rock strata by geologic composition
  • Examples: predicting relative age of strata by fossil depth, predicting occurrence of natural events by rock composition in a particular strata
    HE1 (4)
    3. Identify environmental health issues related to home and work.
    Examples: waste disposal, stagnant water, mold
    HE1 (5)
    3. Describe ways individuals, businesses, and communities protect the environment.
    Examples: Adopt-a-Mile clean-up efforts, recycling projects, proper waste disposal procedures
    HE1 (6)
    2. Describe practices that protect the environment and control disease.
    Examples: managing contamination from biohazardous waste, removing objects that collect water to prevent breeding grounds for mosquitoes
    HE1 (8)
    3. Identify public environmental laws that protect personal health.
    Examples: dumping, polluting, littering


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