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Ceramics, Throwing and Centering

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Shiloh. Harley, and Alexis


Morgan County, Eva School


This podcast shows the basics of using a potters wheel to create a bowl. It shows how to center, pull up a cylinder, widen into a bowl, remove from the wheel, and how to trim.

Length: 03:35

Content Areas: The Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AED (6-8) Visual Arts
1. Create works of art utilizing a variety of traditional and nontraditional media and techniques.
Examples: torn-paper collage, weaving, wire sculpture, clay relief
  • Applying steps artists use in the production of art, including conceptualizing ideas and forms, refining ideas and forms, and reflecting on and evaluating both the process of production and the product
  • Applying the elements of art and principles of design to the production of two- and three-dimensional artwork
  • Examples:
    two-dimensional--monochromatic paintings, found or natural object prints, texture-rubbing compositions;
    three-dimensional--papier-mâchè masks, clay whistles
  • Creating original multimedia works of art
  • Examples: television broadcasts, digital imaging, multimedia presentations
  • Creating original works of art using observational skills
  • Examples: drawing a shoe; painting a still life; creating a landscape in mixed-media; creating timed, gesture studies of a figure
    AED (6-8) Visual Arts
    5. Define the appropriate technical terminology in creating a work of art.
    Example: explaining the terms greenware and bisque-fired when discussing the creation of a piece of pottery


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