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Chris, Chris, Jacob


Morgan County, Eva School


This podcast explains the origin and techniques used to create claymation. Students can see how time consuming it is and what different frame rates look like.

Length: 01:21

Content Areas: The Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AV (9-12) Introduction to Animation and Visual Communication
6. Develop multiple-animated interpretations to communicate an idea, emotion, or special effect, including the application of principles of animation, design, and media techniques and processes.
AV (9-12) Introduction to Animation and Visual Communication
10. Apply technology to an animation task, including creating effects and editing for clarity and entertainment and recording for visual review.
AV (9-12) Character Animation
7. Utilize technology for an animation task, including editing for clarity and entertainment, recording for visual review, and creating effects for clarity and entertainment.
AV (9-12) Animated Filmmaking
10. Apply technology in the production of films.
  • Editing animation for clarity and entertainment in animated film
  • Recording animation for visual review in animated film
  • Creating effects for final film in animated film


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