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I Stand for the Silent

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Students and Faculty of Boaz City Schools


Boaz City Schools


On May 18th, the Boaz City School System took part in a "I Stand for the Silent" day to bring about a comprehensive awareness plan to END all forms of bullying in our school system. I want to thank the faculty and support staff at Boaz High School, Boaz Middle School, Boaz Intermediate School, Corley, and Boaz Elementary for thier support in joining hand-n-hand with us to STOP BULLYING NOW! A special word of thanks goes to Officer Thomas Underwood for his leadership and vision.

Length: 03:49

Content Areas: Guidance and Counseling

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

CG (K-12)
5. A:A1.5 - identify attitudes and behaviors leading to successful learning
CG (K-12)
10. A:A3.1 - take responsibility for their actions


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