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Angie Ramey

Mrs. Harbison

Jody, Skyler, Seamora, Rebecca, Caleb


Walnut Park Elementary

Gadsden CIty


This activity is a sight word relay.  The teacher and students read, spell, read the sight words.  The teacher times the students as they read the words.  Each student gets a chance to BEAT their TIME reading the words.

Length: 2:03

Content Areas: English/Language Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

ELA2015 (K)
22. Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. [RF.K.3]
a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant. [RF.K.3a]
b. Associate the long and short sounds with common spellings (graphemes) for the five major vowels. [RF.K.3b]
c. Read common high-frequency words by sight (e.g., the, of, to, you, she, my, is, are, do, does). [RF.K.3c]
d. Distinguish between similarly spelled words by identifying the sounds of the letters that differ. [RF.K.3d]
ELA2015 (K)
23. Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding. [RF.K.4]
ELA2015 (1)
22. Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. [RF.1.3]
a. Know the spelling-sound correspondences for common consonant digraphs. [RF.1.3a]
b. Decode regularly spelled one-syllable words. [RF.1.3b]
c. Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds. [RF.1.3c]
d. Use knowledge that every syllable must have a vowel sound to determine the number of syllables in a printed word. [RF.1.3d]
e. Decode two-syllable words following basic patterns by breaking the words into syllables. [RF.1.3e]
f. Read words with inflectional endings. [RF.1.3f]
g. Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words. [RF.1.3g]
ELA2015 (1)
23. Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. [RF.1.4]
a. Read on-level text with purpose and understanding. [RF.1.4a]
b. Read on-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings. [RF.1.4b]
c. Use context to confirm or self-correct word recognition and understanding, rereading as necessary. [RF.1.4c]

AQTS_2.E.11: Assessment [Ability to engage all students in assessing and understanding their own learning and behavior.]
AQTS_3.B.2: Reading [Knowledge of assessment tools to monitor the acquisition of reading strategies, to improve reading instruction, and to identify students who require additional instruction.]


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