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Forensic Science: Determining Gender from Skeletal Remains

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Karl Fernandez


Sparkman High School, Madison County Schools


Determining the identity of skeletal remains is a necessary task of forensic scientists.  There are several methods by which this is accomplished.  This podcast focuses on a particular forensic technique in order to identify skeletal remains by measuring the sub-pubic angle of the pelvis. How to take the measurement and what measurement angle constitutes male and female characteristics will be discussed and shown.

Length: 02:17

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (9-12) Forensic Science Elective
7. Identify the importance of skeletal remains in forensics.
  • Comparing bones and skulls based on age, sex, and race
  • Using forensic dentistry to establish identity
    SC2015 (9-12) Human Anatomy and Physiology
    4. Use models to identify the structure and function of the skeletal system (e.g., classification of bones by shape, classification of joints and the appendicular and axial skeletons).
    a. Obtain and communicate information to demonstrate understanding of the growth and development of the skeletal system (e.g., bone growth and remodeling).
    b. Obtain and communicate information to demonstrate understanding of the pathology of the skeletal system (e.g., types of bone fractures and their treatment, osteoporosis, rickets, other bone diseases).
    SC2015 (9-12) Human Anatomy and Physiology
    10. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to differentiate between the male and female reproductive systems, including pathological conditions that affect each.
    a. Use models to demonstrate what occurs in fetal development at each stage of pregnancy.


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