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Alabama Student Assessment Program Policies and Procedures for Students of Special Population

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Alabama State Department of Education- Student Assessment


Alabama State Department of Education- Student Assessment


The Alabama Student Assessment Program Policies and Procedures for Student of Special Populations, Updated January 2013, sets forth the policies and procedures regarding the inclusion of students of special populations in the Alabama Student Assessment Program.

Length: 0:52:00

Content Areas: Professional Development

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AQTS_2.E.3: Assessment [Knowledge of measurement-related issues such as validity, reliability, norms, bias, scoring concerns, and ethical uses of tests and test results.]
AQTS_2.E.4: Assessment [Knowledge of current Alabama assessment requirements and procedures.]
AQTS_2.E.7: Assessment [Ability to collaborate with others to incorporate accommodations into all assessments as appropriate.]
AQTS_2.E.8: Assessment [Ability to provide a variety of ways for students with diverse needs, including students with disabilities, to demonstrate their learning.]
AQTS_5.A.8: Collaboration [Ability to collaborate in the planning of instruction for an expanded curriculum in general education to include Individual Education Plans and other plans such as Section 504 goals for students with disabilities.]
AQTS_5.B.1: Continuous, Lifelong Professional Learning [Knowledge of a range of professional literature, particularly resources that relate to one's own teaching field(s).]
AQTS_5.C.2: Alabama-Specific Improvement Initiatives [Knowledge of Alabama's state assessment requirements and processes.]
AQTS_5.C.4: Alabama-Specific Improvement Initiatives [Ability to communicate with students, parents, and the public about Alabama's assessment system and major state educational improvement initiatives.]
AQTS_5.E.1: Ethics [Knowledge of appropriate professional behavior and dispositions expected of professionals as outlined in the Alabama Educator Code of Ethics.]
AQTS_5.E.2: Ethics [Knowledge of safe, responsible, legal, and ethical uses of technologies including fair-use and copyright guidelines and Internet-user protection policies.]
AQTS_5.E.3: Ethics [Ability to use and maintain confidential student information in an ethical and professional manner.]
AQTS_5.F.3: Local, State, Federal Laws and Policies [Ability to access resources to gain information about federal, state, district, and school policies and procedures.]
AQTS_5.F.4: Local, State, Federal Laws and Policies [Ability to keep accurate records including IEPs, especially records related to federal, state and district policies, and other records with legal implications.]
ASIL_4.1: [Knowledge to involve school community in appropriate diversity policy implementations, program planning, and assessment efforts]
ASIL_4.2: [Ability to conform to legal and ethical standards related to diversity]
ASIL_5.9: [Ability to involve family and community in appropriate policy implementation, program planning, and assessment efforts]
ASIL_8.1: [Knowledge and ability to adhere to a professional code of ethics and values]
ASIL_8.2: [Knowledge and ability to make decisions based on the legal, moral, and ethical implications of policy options and political strategies]
ASIL_8.4: [Knowledge to understand ethical and legal concerns educators face when using technology throughout the teaching and learning environment]
ASIL_8.5: [Knowledge and ability to develop a personal code of ethics embracing diversity, integrity, and the dignity of all people]
ASIL_8.6: [Knowledge and ability to act in accordance with federal and state constitutional provisions, statutory standards, and regulatory applications]
ASIL_8.7: [Ability to make decisions within an ethical context]


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