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Unlocking Meaning through Close Reading

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Stephane Bolton


Harlan Elementary School, Florence City Schools


Alabama's College and Career Ready Standards call for close reading of complex text. This podcast explores the definition of close reading to deepen understanding of this important instructional strategy. The components of close reading are also discussed, including the use of annotation. A sample is also provided to offer an example of close reading implementation.

Length: 03:42

Content Areas: English/Language Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AQTS_1.A.2: Academic Discipline(s) [Knowledge of ways to organize and present content so that it is meaningful and engaging to all learners whom they teach (pedagogical content knowledge).]
AQTS_1.B.1: Curriculum [Knowledge of the content standards and of the scope and sequence of the subject areas of one's teaching fields as defined in the Alabama courses of study for those teaching fields.]
AQTS_1.B.3: Curriculum [Ability to select content and appropriately design and develop instructional activities to address the scope and sequence of the curriculum.]
AQTS_3.B.4: Reading [Ability to stimulate interest in and foster appreciation for the written word, promote reading growth, and increase the motivation of students to read widely and independently for information and pleasure.]


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