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A trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA with Brock and his family.

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Speaker - Brock (4th grade student); Director - Stephanie; Photographer - Bart


Pike County Schools

Goshen Elementary School


Join Brock and his family on a fun and educational trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. See pictures of whale sharks, large grouper, manta rays, spider crabs, penguins, alligators, jellyfish and fish from coral reefs. Learn more about where these animals live around the world.

This lesson can be aligned with Thinkfinity lesson - 

Length: 4:22

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (3)
8. Identify how organisms are classified in the Animalia and Plantae kingdoms.
SC (4)
5. Describe the interdependence of plants and animals.
  • Describing behaviors and body structures that help animals survive in particular habitats
  • Examples:
    behaviors—migration, hibernation, mimicry;
    body structures—quills, fangs, stingers, webbed feet
  • Describing life cycles of various animals to include incomplete and complete metamorphosis
  • Examples: damsel fly, mealworms
  • Tracing the flow of energy through a food chain
  • Example: producer, first-level consumer, second-level consumer, and third-level consumer
  • Identifying characteristics of organisms, including growth and development, reproduction, acquisition and use of energy, and response to the environment
    SC (5)
    9. Describe the relationship of populations within a habitat to various communities and ecosystems.
  • Describing the relationship between food chains and food webs
  • Describing symbiotic relationships

    National/Other Standards:

    Geography for Life Standard #8: The characteristics and spatial distribution of ecosystems on Earth's surface


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