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Brooklin and Colby


Fairhope high

Baldwin County School District


This podcast is designed to describe the planet Neptune.  The students tell about the main features of the planet, what elements are present on it, temperature, size and other characteristics.

Length: 04:08

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (9-12) Earth and Space Elective
5. Discuss various theories for the origin, formation, and changing nature of the universe and our solar system.
  • Explaining the nebular hypothesis for formation of planets, the big bang theory, and the steady state theory
  • Relating Hubble's law to the concept of an ever-expanding universe
  • Describing the impact of meteor, asteroid, and comet bombardment on planetary and lunar development
    SC (9-12) Earth and Space Elective
    7. Explain techniques for determining the age and composition of Earth and the universe.
  • Using radiometric age methods to compute the age of Earth
  • Using expanding universe measurements to determine the age of the universe
  • Identifying techniques for evaluating the composition of objects in space
    SC2015 (9-12) Earth and Space Science
    1. Develop and use models to illustrate the lifespan of the sun, including energy released during nuclear fusion that eventually reaches Earth through radiation.
    SC2015 (9-12) Earth and Space Science
    2. Engage in argument from evidence to compare various theories for the formation and changing nature of the universe and our solar system (e.g., Big Bang Theory, Hubble's law, steady state theory, light spectra, motion of distant galaxies, composition of matter in the universe).


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