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How to Write a Haiku

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Charlotte Huckleberry

Mrs. Hinds' Fourth Grade Class


Deer Valley Elementary - Hoover City Schools


Fourth grade students explain how to write a Haiku poem.

Length: 3:28

Content Areas: English/Language Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

ELA2015 (8)
9. By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems, at the high end of Grades 6-8 text complexity band independently and proficiently. [RL.8.10]
ELA2015 (8)
29. Write routinely over extended time frames, including time for research, reflection, and revision, and shorter time frames such as a single sitting or a day or two for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences. [W.8.10]
ELA2015 (8)
35. Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, demonstrating command of formal English when indicated or appropriate. (See Grade 8 Language standards 36 and 38 for specific expectations.) [SL.8.6]


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