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How to Start a Recycling Club

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Pike County

Goshen Elementary School


This podcast details steps to starting a school recycling club. It also includes several environmental facts and statistics.

Length: 2:59

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (9-12) Environmental Elective
9. Describe land-use practices that promote sustainability and economic growth.
Examples: no-till planting, crop rotation
  • Defining various types and sources of waste and their impact on the soil
  • Examples:
    types—biodegradeable, nonbiodegradeable, organic, radioactive, nonradioactive;
    sources—pesticides, herbicides
  • Identifying ways to manage waste, including composting, recycling, reusing, and reclaiming
    SC2015 (9-12) Environmental Science
    14. Analyze cost-benefit ratios of competing solutions for developing, conserving, managing, recycling, and reusing energy and mineral resources to minimize impacts in natural systems (e.g., determining best practices for agricultural soil use, mining for coal, and exploring for petroleum and natural gas sources).*
    SC2015 (9-12) Environmental Science
    15. Construct an explanation based on evidence to determine the relationships among management of natural resources, human sustainability, and biodiversity (e.g., resources, waste management, per capita consumption, agricultural efficiency, urban planning).


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