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Demonstration Lesson- Geometry Part 1

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This podcast is part of the series: Alabama Quality Teaching Standards Demonstration Lessons


Suzanne Culbreath


Governors Commission on Quality Teaching in cooperation with Spain Park High School, Hoover City Schools


Part 1 of 2: This video begins with a thought jogger exercise to reinforce recent learning about triangles and segues to an interactive discussion of how to determine the area of an equilateral triangle. That information is used to begin instruction about finding the area of a regular polygon. The lesson utilizes manipulatives.

Length: 24:16

Content Areas: Math, Professional Development

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AQTS_1.A.2: Academic Discipline(s) [Knowledge of ways to organize and present content so that it is meaningful and engaging to all learners whom they teach (pedagogical content knowledge).]
AQTS_1.A.3: Academic Discipline(s) [Ability to use students' prior knowledge and experiences to introduce new subject-area related content.]
AQTS_2.A.5: Human Development [Ability to teach explicit cognitive, metacognitive, and other learning strategies to support students in becoming more successful learners.]
AQTS_2.C.1: Learning Environment [Knowledge of norms and structures that contribute to a safe and stimulating learning environment.]
AQTS_2.D.3: Instructional Strategies [Knowledge of strategies that promote retention as well as transfer of learning and the relationship between these two learning outcomes.]
AQTS_2.D.9: Instructional Strategies [Ability to use questions and questioning to assist all students in developing skills and strategies in critical and high order thinking and problem solving.]
AQTS_2.E.11: Assessment [Ability to engage all students in assessing and understanding their own learning and behavior.]
AQTS_3.A.4: Oral and Written Communications [Ability to model appropriate oral and written communications.]
AQTS_3.A.5: Oral and Written Communications [Ability to demonstrate appropriate communication strategies that include questioning and active and reflective listening.]
AQTS_3.C.1: Mathematics [Knowledge of the role that mathematics plays in everyday life.]
AQTS_3.C.2: Mathematics [Knowledge of the concepts and relationships in number systems.]
AQTS_3.C.3: Mathematics [Knowledge of the appropriate use of various types of reasoning, including inductive, deductive, spatial and proportional, and understanding of valid and invalid forms of reasoning.]
AQTS_3.C.6: Mathematics [Ability to communicate with others about mathematical concepts, processes, and symbols.]
AQTS_3.D.2: Technology [Knowledge of the wide range of technologies that support and enhance instruction, including classroom and school resources as well as distance learning and online learning opportunities.]
AQTS_3.D.3: Technology [Ability to integrate technology into the teaching of all content areas.]


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