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The Body Promo on WKRG

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Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center


Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center


While this clip promotes a previous exhibit that is no longer at the Exploreum, it does include several experiments that could prove useful in the classroom.  

In this 4 minute news segment we race the heart, have the news anchor hold a real heart and inflate some pig lungs. We also spend a short time playing with a robotic hand. If we can do all of this in 4 minutes, imagine what a day around here must be like.

Length: 04:09

Content Areas: Science

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SC (5)
8. Identify major body systems and their functions, including the circulatory system, respiratory system, excretory system, and reproductive system.
SC2015 (4)
10. Obtain and communicate information explaining that humans have systems that interact with one another for digestion, respiration, circulation, excretion, movement, control, coordination, and protection from disease.


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