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Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees: One Thing Leads to Another

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This podcast is part of the series: ArchiTreats: Food for Thought


Kathryn Tucker Windham


Alabama Department of Archives and History


Join us as the South’s most beloved storyteller, Kathryn Tucker Windham, shares highlights from her new memoir Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees: One Thing Leads to Another. This ‘Bonus’ ArchiTreats: Food for Thought presentation was held at the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Mrs. Windham’s newest book takes us back to rural Thomasville, Alabama, where the author lived. She gives a snapshot of her growing up years, and presents stories about family members and friends, and favorite pastimes. Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees offers a picture of domestic life in small town Alabama in the 1920s and ’30s. Kathryn Tucker Windham was one of the first women daily newspaper reporters in Alabama. Today, she is one of America’s best-known storytellers, performing at storytelling and literary festivals nationally, and also a featured commentator on National Public Radio. She has written more than two dozen books, including Jeffrey’s Favorite 13 Ghost Stories (a compilation of her favorite Jeffrey stories) and her classic Alabama, One Big Front Porch.

This ‘Bonus’ ArchiTreats presentation is in addition to the regular series of third-Thursday free lectures presented by the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The public is invited to bring a sack lunch and enjoy a bit of Alabama history. Coffee and tea will be provided by the Friends of the Alabama Archives. For more information, call (334) 353-4712.

Length: 54:36

Content Areas: Social Studies

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

ELA2015 (9)
6. Analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature from outside the United States, drawing on a wide reading of world literature. [RL.9-10.6]
ELA2015 (10)
8. Analyze how an author draws on and transforms source material in a specific work (e.g., how Shakespeare treats a theme or topic from Ovid or the Bible or how early American authors draw upon the Bible for religious themes and issues). [RL.9-10.9] (Alabama)
ELA2015 (11)
8. Demonstrate knowledge of twentieth- and twenty-first-century foundational works of American literature, including how two or more texts from the same period treat similar themes or topics. [RL.11-12.9] (Alabama)


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