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Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road

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Myra S. Morrison

Voice of the young girl: Hali


DAR Middle School,
Marshall County Schools


This podcast graphically expresses the dangers of texting while driving from a very personal perspective.

Length: 4.08

Content Areas: Health and Physical Education, Driver and Traffic Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

DT (10-12) Classroom Instruction
15. Describe driver responsibilities toward other highway users, including pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and drivers of commercial vehicles and buses.
Examples: recognizing locations where other highway users may appear, recognizing rights of other highway users, anticipating actions of other highway users, locating "no zone" areas of large vehicles, analyzing stopping distances for large vehicles
DT (10-12) Classroom Instruction
16. Identify dangerous driving situations that may occur on rural roads and urban streets.
rural roads--unfenced animals, slow-moving farm equipment, off-road vehicles
urban streets--parked cars, pedestrians, one-way thoroughfares
  • Describing correct procedures for entering and exiting limited and controlled access highways
  • Describing correct procedures to follow when confronted with road emergencies and collisions
  • Examples:
    emergencies--tire failure, engine overheating, engine failure, objects in roadway, hydroplaning
    collisions--head-on, side-impact, rear-end
  • Explaining proper procedures for reporting traffic accidents
  • Examples: driver responsibilities, witness responsibilities
  • Explaining methods to minimize risks during ideal conditions, adverse road conditions, and periods of reduced visibility
  • Examples: increasing following distance, using headlights, cleaning windshield often, reducing speed
  • Explaining safe procedures for approaching and driving through various railroad grade crossings
    HE1 (9-12)
    7. Recognize personal responsibility for lifelong health.
    Examples: participating regularly in physical activity; practicing water safety; operating motor vehicles safely; scheduling annual physical exams, cancer screenings, and immunizations

    National/Other Standards:

    National Standard Safety Driving


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