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A Look into Life on a Colonial Farm

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Kelly Rush


Paine Intermediate, Trussville City Schools


This podcast is intended to help students get a visual of what life was like during colonial times on a farm. You will be able to view the inside of a colonial farm, in rural Virginia. While looking around the home you will see a working kitchen and be able to listen to a description of some foods being prepared. You will also learn a little bit about the process of preparing flax to be made into clothing. If you are looking for a way to share with your students what life was like this is the podcast for you!

Length: 04:57

Content Areas: Social Studies

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SS2010 (4) Alabama Studies
6. Describe cultural, economic, and political aspects of the lifestyles of early nineteenth-century farmers, plantation owners, slaves, and townspeople.
Examples: cultural—housing, education, religion, recreation
economic—transportation, means of support
political—inequity of legal codes
  • Describing major areas of agricultural production in Alabama, including the Black Belt and fertile river valleys
    SS2010 (5) United States Studies: Beginnings to the Industrial Revolution
    6. Describe colonial economic life and labor systems in the Americas.
  • Recognizing centers of slave trade in the Western Hemisphere and the establishment of the Triangular Trade Route
    SS2010 (10) United States History I: Beginnings to the Industrial Revolution
    2. Compare regional differences among early New England, Middle, and Southern colonies regarding economics, geography, culture, government, and American Indian relations. [A.1.a., A.1.b., A.1.d., A.1.g., A.1.i.]
  • Explaining the role of essential documents in the establishment of colonial governments, including the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the Mayflower Compact
  • Explaining the significance of the House of Burgesses and New England town meetings in colonial politics
  • Describing the impact of the Great Awakening on colonial society

    National/Other Standards:

    NCSS #1 Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of culture and cultural diversity.


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