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Navigating the Alabama Virtual Library Student Research Center Database Part 2

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This podcast is part of the series: Blabbing About the AVL


Terrie Hull


Elmore County High School, Elmore County/ Alabama Virtual Library


The podcast is designed to provide instruction on utilizing the Student Research Center Database. Viewers will learn how to filter search results and save viewed articles into a folder. This podcast should be viewed after watching Part 1 Navigating the Alabama Research Center Student Research Center Database.

Length: 3:30

Content Areas: English/Language Arts, Technology Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

[ELA2015] (9) 27: Gather relevant information from multiple authoritative print and digital sources, using advanced searches effectively; assess the usefulness of each source in answering the research question; integrate information into the text selectively to maintain the flow of ideas, avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation. [W.9-10.8]


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