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Isms: Harmful to Our Communities and Schools

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Mr. Strickland and his 7th Grade Citizenship class


Wilkerson Middle School; Birmingham City Schools


Isms can be both benign and quite harmful.  Capitalism and Catholicism arguably never hurt anyone.  Racism and sexism though can be damaging to a community and certainly to a school.  Working with the standards established through the YWCAs Heritage Panel workshop, Mr. Strickland and his students have created an easy to understand primer on the harmful -isms we should all be on the lookout for in and around all of us.

Length: 03:01

Content Areas: Social Studies, Professional Development

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SS2010 (7) Civics
10. Describe individual and civic responsibilities of citizens of the United States.
Examples: individual—respect for rights of others, self-discipline, negotiation, compromise, fiscal responsibility
civic—respect for law, patriotism, participation in political process, fiscal responsibility
  • Differentiating rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities between citizens and noncitizens
  • Explaining how United States' citizenship is acquired by immigrants
  • Explaining character traits that are beneficial to individuals and society
  • Examples: honesty, courage, compassion, civility, loyalty
    SS2010 (7) Civics
    12. Describe how the United States can be improved by individual and group participation in civic and community activities.
  • Identifying options for civic and community action
  • Examples: investigating the feasibility of a specific solution to a traffic problem, developing a plan for construction of a subdivision, using maps to make and justify decisions about best locations for public facilities
  • Determining ways to participate in the political process
  • Examples: voting, running for office, serving on a jury, writing letters, being involved in political parties and political campaigns

    National/Other Standards:



    What are the Roles of the Citizen in American Democracy?

    What is citizenship?

    What are the rights of citizens?

    What are the responsibilities of citizens?

    What dispositions or traits of character are important to the preservation and improvement of American constitutional democracy?

    How can citizens take part in civic life?



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